PAS & Cosmic Perspective - Talk on Space Colonization !

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Aamna Saleem is an avid astronomer from Lahore. Her recent startup "Cosmic Perspective" and Pak Astronomers Islamabad collaborated to hold a talk and discussion session at the Cafe Garage in Islamabad on 11th Jan, 2019. It was the first meeting or discussion event that Pak Astronomers participated in 2019.


Observation Session - Rahman Enclave - 15 Dec 2018

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True to our mission of conducting regular out reach and star gazing events, the members of Pak Astronomers held their regular monthly observation session at Rahman Enclave on 15th December, 2018. 

The event was attended by representatives of Rah E Qamar as well as a group of Home Schoolers, members of the general public as well as some distinguished guests from the Planning Commission of Pakistan. It has been an honor of Pak Astronomers to be the leading organizer of Star Gazing and observations events in Pakistan. 

KSS and PAS Collaborative Science and Astronomy Festival with Solar Observation

Khwarzimi Science Society and PakAstronomers Islamabad invite you to a collaborative science and astronomy festival to be held at Crescent International School and Islamabad Model School for Boys in G-10/3, Islamabad on Saturday 15 Oct 2016.

Highlights of the event include:

  • Scientific demonstrations
  • Interesting projects that you can learn to build yourself
  • Solar Observation

Children from all schools and their parents are invited and encouraged to attend.

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Orion EON80 ED

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  • 80mm ED Apochromatic Refractor
  • Doublet with the rear element made of extra low dispersion flourite glass
  • Focal length 500mm
  • f/6.25
  • 2” Crayford dual speed focuser
    Fine focus 11:1 ratio
  • Suitable for wide field astrophotography